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Referenzen / Kundenfeedback

“I’m very pleased with the result as both teachers pulled me through the basics of Spanish in just 1 full week while 35 degrees outside. I was well prepared for another 8 weeks of work in Costa Rica, and continued improving my vocabulary. Work is easy now. BCU is a real recommendation, thanks a lot.”

Superintendent of Rock D&R, Van Oord

“All of the trainers were so professional and engaging. I would definitely continue language learning with BCU.”

Doctor of Philosophy University of Regensburg

Guten Morgen Frau Hansen, 

ich möchte Ihnen für den Kurs danken. Ich fand ihn sehr hilfreich, und obwohl wir (die Studenten) nicht immer unseren Teil getan haben, waren Sie immer vorbereitet und verständnisvoll.

Und ich weiß wirklich nicht, was man in Deutschland sagt, aber im Libanon sagen wir, ich gratuliere dir zu der Schwangerschaft und ich wünsche dir gute Gesundheit für Sie und Ihr kommendes Baby. Und Nochmals danke. 

Mit lieben grüßen,

Hasan Ahmad

I want to thank you again for all the support and encouragement that you have given to us.

I really enjoyed having you as a teacher. Wish you all the best and hope to have the chance to meet you in person. I would like to agree with the rest of the colleagues for an appointment and maybe have another event where we can improve our German language and enjoy a coffee/beer.

Marius Popovic

„I want to thank you very much for this course, you really made it easy to continue, I always felt that learning german was a burden  for me but you really made a difference and I really wish I could continue next course with you”

Omar Tag