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Knackige Sprachkurse: English Smarty’s gegen Corona-Blues und Langeweile

Sprachkurse Englisch

Da nach 1 Jahr Corona eine gewisse Unlust an den damit verbundenen Einschränkungen und Maßnahmen offensichtlich ist, möchte ich als Inhaberin der Sprachschule BCU in Regensburg allen Sprachinteressierten ein ganz besonderes Angebot machen:

Wir möchten Sie von Ihren zeitaufwändigen Webinaren und Meetings im positiven Sinne ablenken und Ihnen die großartige Chance bieten, mit unseren knackigen English Smarty‘s Ihr Englisch ganz gezielt zu verbessern!

Und wir versprechen:

Mit unseren pfiffigen English Smarty‘s sind Langeweile und schlechte Laune schnell vorbei!

Hier beginnt schon die Challenge für Sie: Denn jetzt geht’s auf Englisch weiter!

With our English Smarty’s BCU offers you the chance to really do something useful against the Corona-Blues because you can improve your English in special topics in no time!

You can choose as many English Smarty’s as you need or want until you dream in English – isn’t that a dream?

Here is your choice – you will certainly find some topics which need brushing up:

  • Small Talk is international – so just do it!

Small Talk is easier than you think & you will enjoy your next business lunch or the kind guys in the hotel bar! Just practice what you learnt in 6 hours with us.

  • Discover the world with our Travel & Talk Smarty!

In 6 hours you will get the best English tips for your next holiday trips.

  • The CV says it all & helps you reach the top!

In 6 hours you will design your personal CV that expresses best your skills & outstanding personality.

  • Hit the nail on the head in your next job interview!

After 6 hours you will impress your interviewer with your outfit, your confidence & know-how & stick out as the ideal candidate.

  • Present yourself like a star with your professional presentation!

In 6 hours you get input on & practice of the most important aspects of designing & holding a fascinating presentation.

  • Meetings are boring – but not with you after our English Meeting Smarty!

In 6 hours you will prepare the different steps of organizing a meeting & leading the discussion professionally to address the individual issues & needs.

  • On the phone, your voice & words will make your international partners melt away!

After 6 hours you will impress your international partners with your spontaneous, cool & adequate phrases.

  • Brush up your grammar skills with our tasty Grammar Smarty!

In 6 hours you will revise the most relevant grammar points & thus improve your level of written and spoken communication.

  • The sky is the limit with our Advanced Grammar Smarty!

In 6 hours you will deal with the more demanding grammar points & thus reach a much higher level of correct written & spoken communication.

How do our English Smarty’s work?

  • Our special price for each English Smarty is 75€ with 3-6 learners – and I promise it’s worth your money!
  • Our bonus for each participant IS A BOX OF Real Smarties!
  • Once you have chosen one or more topics from our list of English Smarty’s published in the social media or on our homepage you click on https://b-c-u.info/bcu to read the details and book the workshop.
  • The 6 Online lessons are always offered on 3 days in a row with 2 units each. If there is one day that does not suit you we will offer you a session in the following series. So you don’t lose anything!
  • After booking your topic or topics on our homepage you will receive a confirmation with the BCU account data so that you can directly transfer the money to our account.
  • Then you will get the access link for the selected English Smarty and any documents you need for your class.
  • Now you are ready to start with your first session – and we wish you lots of good ideas and fun!

Kind regards,

Gerti von Rabenau


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