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Learning languages ​​to overcome borders

with this motto, BCU Sprachschule Regensburg has already helped thousands of BCU customers to overcome human & intercultural barriers by learning a new language or improving existing skills. Because at BCU they learned innovatively, individually, interactively, effectively and yet with fun!

Since the shortage of skilled workers in healthcare is currently one of the greatest political challenges, we are once again expanding our range of language courses with the appropriate course concepts for medical staff. Fortunately, the German healthcare system is extremely attractive for foreign medical staff – otherwise the pandemic would have caused even more damage.

However, currently we still have to cope with two obvious problems in the field of healthcare:

  1. Despite the fast increasing numbers of foreign medical staff, the lack of medical professionals in Germany is still our main concern if we want to make work in clinics & care facilities less stressful and thus more attractive.
  • Therefore, thanks to new cooperation partners, BCU will drastically increase their range of medical German courses targeting level B2 for nurses – both in presence & virtual classroom training.
  • ­Moreover, BCU is clearly aware of the new government regulations for all health staff to be implemented in 2022-23. Their two most important items are:
  • foreign healthcare workers will need a B2 instead of a B1 certificate for a visa and
  • they will have to pass a new practice-oriented B2 Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) (specialist language test) to prove that they are able to communicate professionally with patients, relatives and colleagues.
  • BCU will therefore adapt their German healthcare course programme till 2023 to this new B2 Fachsprachprüfung (FSP), which consists of two oral & one written part.
  • After all, our  most important goal remains to help foreign medical staff to achieve their status as a skilled worker just as successfully as possible.
  • Until the official implementation of this new B2-FSP by 2023 we will continue preparing nurses successfully for the telc Test B2 for Nurses which is the prerequisite for their recognition as a skilled worker.
  • That means, with our specialized medical courses, BCU will continue to accompany our nursing staff groups successfully on their way to settle down with their dream job in Germany.

2. Fact is that, despite a B1 or B2 certificate, the majority of foreign medical staff do not have sufficient language skills to communicate professionally in their daily jobs in a hospital or a nursing home.

  • We are afraid that this already obvious problem of insufficient language skills of foreign staff (in spite of a certificate) will most likely be exacerbated by the new visa requirement that foreign medical staff will need a B2 level achieved in their home country if they want to find a job in Germany.
  • Although we do agree that outsourcing German lessons up to level B2 to foreign language schools in their home country seems fair enough, we are afraid that the problem of insufficient knowledge skills will become even more serious, since in many countries the educational institutions often do not find adequate trainers nor use state of-the-art teaching materials.
  • In order to remedy this growing problem, BCU has developed a new intensive course concept for clinics & care facilities with a FREE LANGUAGE CHECK beforehand to determine current language deficits. Based on the individual results of this LANGUAGE CHECK we then create an individually designed course concept for small groups.
  • That way our experienced trainers will help your foreign staff  to improve both their language level & the relevant professional communication in a relatively short time. This results in a friendlier & more relaxed atmosphere so that the often stressful daily duties become easier for everyone.
  • Of course, due to their solid B2 level your medical staff  are now in a much better position to prepare for & pass the demanding B2 telc test for Nurses or in 2o23 the new Fachsprachprüfung (FSP).
  • We know from our customers that this new BCU concept has always led to a significantly improved professional & more empathetic atmosphere in their professional environment as well as much better B2 test outcomes.

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