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You are looking for a new Job?

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Then prepare yourself with our new ENGLISH SMARTys Update your CV & Be Brilliant in your English Job Interview

At present, the labour market is very unreliable, as many companies have dismissed quite a lot of staff or are restructuring their organisation in view of digitalisation – and this process is not finished yet. Therefore, quite a lot of employees are forced to look for a new job – either in the same branch or in a completely different business area.

So we think this is the perfect moment to update your Resume or CV and give it a more personal and outstanding touch. This is particularly true for your English CV, if you want to apply for a very attractive position in an international company where good English is a MUST. Maybe, this is exactly the big step ahead you have to make to climb the job ladder to unforeseen levels.

And it’s a well-known fact that the business world is & remains globalised. That means, if you want to increase your chances of finding an interesting & a high-ranking position in a global company, your CV or Resume must be so impressive & outstanding that it attracts immediate interest – so that the HR officials want to get to know you personally & will put you on the short-list for a job interview – which definitely brings you closer to the final appointment.

Conclusion: Your newly designed Super-CV is the first & decisive step on your way to your dream job!

Of course, the next step is the invitation to a personal Job Interview. Therefore, we recommend that you book both English SMARTys at once (at a reduced price!) to guarantee the perfect preparation for a successful job application.

Now we assume you have managed to be invited for your personal interview.  Therefore, you must prepare yourself both mentally & in content for your first & really essential meeting with the HR officials & with your potential new boss.

And here you must never forget: The very first personal impression of you is the most important!

This first impression depends on your well-groomed appearance – outfit, hairstyle, make-up – but above all by your body language, because it is the alpha & omega of being successful in this interview. You certainly know that the main elements of body language on top of appearance are posture, voice, eye contact, sitting position, signs of nervousness, etc. So the key message of your body language should be to express self-confidence but not arrogance, to appear likeable but not excessively friendly, to appear well-informed & knowledgeable but not too talkative – to name just a few important aspects of your first impression. Moreover, it is also important that you respond to provocative or intrusive questions with calm and steadfastness.

I hope that with these notes you see my point that an intensive professional & mental preparation in English for your job search is definitely worthwhile.

And that’s exactly what our English SMARTys are about – we want to help you stick out in every possible way!

In the following you will find more information about our 2 English SMARTys:


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