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Specific Test Preparation for the C1 Fachsprachprüfung (medical language test) for doctors

You are ready for the last & decisive step to finally find your dream job,

because now you fulfill all the necessary requirements to finally pass this very demanding C1 FSP test from the German state medical associations.

These requirements are:

   You have acquired a general B2 certificate,

   you have mastered the medical terminology in a B2 C1 medicine course

   and you have sufficient clinical experience in your medical field

Now it’s time for our two 3-day test training workshops with a total of 40 teaching units (TU). Our medical trainer will intensively prepare you for the three test parts:

               1. Doctor-patient conversation (anamnesis)

               2. Writing a doctor’s letter (documentation)

               3. Doctor-doctor conversation (application of specialist terminology)


Our new concept implies: All participants (TN) will individually be “tested” and filmed several times and the group will then discuss and evaluate the recordings together with our clinically experienced doctors. With this interactive and very effective form of training, you will already experience several exam situations in familiar surroundings and thus lose your fear of failing the exam. Because your mental security and self-confidence often are a very decisive factor for the jury.


Here are the details for our new FSP training workshop:

  • Two 3-day workshops of 20 units of 45 minutes each = 40 units in total
  • Systematic test training with several individual test sessions for each participant and evaluation of video recordings
  • Small groups of 3-6 participants
  • Face-to-face training plus a possible virtual classroom for external participants
  • Trainer: An experienced doctor and examiner
  • Planned dates:
    •  09. – 11. September + 23. – 25. September 2022
    • 07. – 09. Oktober + 21. – 23. Oktober  2022
  • Schedule: Friday 6 TU, Saturday 8 TU and Sunday 6 TU = 20 TU = 40 TU
  • Friday: 13.00 – 16.30 * + 17.00  – 18.30 = 6 UE
    Saturday: 9.00 – 12.30* + 13.30 – 17.00*
    Sunday: 10.00 – 13.30* + 14.15 – 16.00*
    * incl. breaks 30 or 15 min
  • Price: €595* per participant for a group of 3-6 participants 

(*We are exempt from VAT)

Your benefit when doing this specific test training:

After being “tested” and receiving constructive feedback several times by the group and the trainer you will have lost your fear of this demanding FSP. Therefore, you will face this test mentally strengthened and confident!