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SMALL TALK is easier than you think – but why do we need it anyway?


The extroverts love it & find talking to many people & even total strangers rather exciting. The introverts, on the other hand, hate it & want to be left alone.

But the isolation due to Corona – in the home office, because of the lack of cultural events & activities as well as the limited encounters with relatives & friends – show very clearly the great importance of personal communication for our general well-being!

SMALL TALK can help us against those Corona-blues

Obviously, SMALL TALK, which is perfectly normal in English-speaking countries, can help us to open up & enjoy new kinds of communication in our daily life. So far, it was & is mostly seen as a relaxed & entertaining form of communication with friends & family but also with strangers.

But due to Corona, the simple question “How are you today?” suddenly expresses some genuine interest in the other person & thus leads to much more personal questions & answers. Thus everyone feels better afterwards & closer to each other!

SMALL TALK makes our private life more colourful

Today I would like to show you the importance of English SMALL TALK in your private life & especially during your vacation abroad. Because nowadays you can meet foreign people everywhere who need some information in English & who will be very happy if they can have a friendly conversation with you.

And during your holidays abroad you will need some English skills to get the information required: in the hotel at the reception, at breakfast or dinner or in the evening at the bar as well as in a taxi, train or bus, on a cruise & when shopping.

As a tourist in particular, your command of English will create a more personal relationship with your contacts & you might benefit from very interesting intercultural experiences. This is exactly where your SMALL TALK skills come in handy!

SMALL TALK is even more important in a business context

You have to be aware that your international business partners want to get to know you personally. So here your SMALL TALK skills are an important trust-building tool because they will ask you many personal questions. And you will have to do the same before any business matters are addressed.

Moreover, if you express your appreciation to the secretary by means of friendly SMALL TALK, you will probably benefit from a particularly kind treatment.

And imagine how you will survive the first-class business dinner without SMALL TALK, when all business topics are taboo?

It mostly starts with a simple “How are you today?” – be it on the phone, in a virtual meeting, in a restaurant or in a hotel  – and can easily end with a lively exchange of ideas & experiences – which makes everyone happy & more satisfied.

Therefore, I can only recommend our new English SMALL-TALK SMARTy against those Corona-Blues to brush up your English Skills in no time.

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