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Present like a star!

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Presenting your company, your product and yourself professionally – is a Must!

In our increasingly digitized world, we have to assume that most presentations will take place virtually. So if you have to present your company, your product or yourself in English, you focus should be on the visual elements & your personal performance in your virtual presentation. Because it is important to catch your audience’s attention from the beginning:

It is best to start right away with an unexpected Bang that immediately arouses curiosity. Then you have to pay attention to a very clear structure & subdivision of the  slides, and last but not least, you must present yourself at your best: dynamic, entertaining & lively.

As for the Bang, it depends on your topic & your creativity – but the more surprising it is, the better. And in my experience, it’s good to finish with a Bang again – thus your audience will definitely remember your presentation as outstanding.

The visual structure of your presentation & your professional performance are extremely important, because here the three most important channels of perception come into play: as all human beings are either predominantly visual, auditory or kinetic, which determines their decisions & perception of people as well as experiences in their professional & daily life.

It is obvious that the visual & auditive channels of perception are the most important for a virtual presentation. Therefore, you must carefully select the visuals and graphics you use in order to create an outstanding impression of your product, your service & status of your company.

The slide texts must be easy to read & understand so that the audience can follow your presentation without being distracted by deciphering the text. And don’t forget your body language, which in a virtual presentation is limited to your appearance & to a minimum of gestures & facial expressions when speaking into the camera.

A positive auditory perception of yourself requires a clear & lively voice as well as direct eye contact to prevent your audience from falling asleep or sneaking away from the PC to do something else. In addition, you could create a pleasant atmosphere for all participants with soft background music at the beginning & at the end of your presentation. And if you are showing a video, please make sure that the sound is perfect!

If you want to integrate some indirect kinetic features or not, depends on your topic & on your audience. Maybe you can make your participants greet each other virtually – e.g. by introducing each other with a smile or a gesture and/or have them interact in between. Maybe they will even exchange their business details afterwards.

In addition to these sensory aspects, the content and wording of your presentation are of course the decisive elements – and you will learn more about this if you take part in our new English SMARTy – click…


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