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Meetings are boring


Meetings are boring – but not with you after ours English Meeting Smarty!

Our guess: After Corona, your meetings will be predominantly virtual!

In our globalized world, every day countless international meetings take place offline or online, but due to Corona the number of online meetings has increased exponentially. And surprisingly many of us have found out that online meetings do work relatively well despite certain potential technical breakdowns.
That’s why we assume that in the future most meetings will take place virtually.

Therefore the question arises:

Englischkurse in Regensburg Siegel

What will this trend imply for everybody who has to organize a virtual meeting?

Let’s first have a look at the Pros & Cons of online & offline meetings:
It is obvious that a personal encounter with your international customers implies higher costs in terms of time & money (longer stay & travel time & expenses), but on the other hand it enables the establishment or deepening of a trustful business relationship. Moreover, a personal meeting with the involved managers & employees as well as a visit of the company premises will give you a clearer impression of the entire company. In addition, any problems that may arise during negotiations can be addressed more directly & probably resolved more amicably.

But if we compare the benefits of online meetings they seem to outweigh those of offline meetings: lower travel costs (flight, hotel, etc.), significant time savings, no jet lag & above all the increasingly important ecological aspects of less environmental pollution due to reduced travel (flights, cars, taxis).

But online meetings also have disadvantages:

For you as an organizer, scheduling a meeting is more difficult due to the diverging time zones. You need good technical equipment & a stable internet connection, which is not always guaranteed internationally, as well as a very careful digital preparation of all documents. And last but not least, the lack of personal encounter & interaction can lead to wrong mutual assumptions about each other.

But despite these negative aspects, we expect online meetings to become more frequent in future because of the mostly positive experiences of many business people during the pandemic.

Therefore, our very experienced business English trainer will integrate the most important aspects of online meetings in our SMARTy English Meeting.

For a virtual meeting, you have to find the right schedule for all participants, which will not always be easy.
You need to prepare all the required documents in a digital format & send them out in time.
You need to make sure that your digital devices are working properly & that all participants are connected in time.
However, most important is that all speakers & you as the moderator of the meeting are equipped with a good microphone & camera so that everyone can be clearly understood & seen.

You may need to encourage all speakers to speak clearly & slowly, to make eye contact with the other participants & to make sure that their slides are easy to read during the presentation.
You have to allow questions in between & lead the discussion after each contribution.
A very important point for you as the moderator of this meeting is to create a positive atmosphere in order to enable a constructive exchange of ideas & to avoid unfair comments or even arguments.

Conclusion: You have to be aware that your meeting will only be evaluated positively if all participants are satisfied with the results achieved.

If you need to prepare for such a challenge, I can only recommend our English Meeting SMARTy:

Meetings are boring – but not with you after our English Meeting Smarty!
In 6 hours you will cover the different steps of organizing a meeting and leading discussions professionally, to effectively address individual issues and needs.

Schedule: 3 weeks, 2 units of 45 min. incl. short break
Tuesday, 08th, 15th & 22th June at 11.00 – 12.30 am
Tuesday, 06th, 13th & 20th July at 11.00 – 12.30 am

You will deal with & practice the following topics:

Organizing your Meetings effectively – Brainstorm & plan all the different steps & preparations like Online or Offline, contents, agenda, Key speaker, no. of participants, location, technical equipment, catering, etc.
Taking care of paperwork – Calculation of costs, preparation of all paperwork (invitations, handouts, Power point presentation, documents etc,)
Chairing a Meeting: What makes a good meeting and a good chairperson? How can you effectively establish the purpose of a meeting & stay on track.
Leading effective discussions: How to get the most out of discussions & brainstorming sessions. Dealing with interruptions & interrupting politely.
Wrapping things up: Asking for & giving clarification, delaying decisions when necessary, & ending the meeting on a high note.

Number of participants: 3-6
Price: 75€* (*BCU is not liable to VAT)
Online-system: Zoom or Skype

Contact & Booking: or or on 0941/5681180
Business Communication Unlimited,


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