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Intercultural communication in Regensbrug

Intercultural Communication in Regensburg: Our programme

Since customers interested in Intercultural Communication have different prior knowledge and goals, BCU Sprachschule Regensburg organizes these courses individually on request – either as one-to-one or as group training! – Contact us!

Since language and intercultural communication are very closely connected, our very experienced communication trainers will deal with intercultural aspects of business topics that are particularly important for our customers. Some workshops are held in English – and thereby we successfully combine our core competence in language training with intercultural skills. Our native speaker trainers familiarize you with the most important cultural aspects of your target country, so that you can meet your business partners on an equal footing and react appropriately to behavior that seems strange to us

In addition, once a week you can meet other language enthusiasts in our BCU LearnSpot with whom you – supported by an experienced lecturer – can improve your current language skills in a relaxed atmosphere!

Conversing Successfully with your Business Partners

In this workshop you will deal with your own communication patterns and learn how to prepare and structure important business conversations professionally focusing on building confidence. Thus, you can steer your partners kindly towards your goals and bring your negotiations to a successful conclusion. Using case studies from different business fields, we practice different conversation strategies in this workshop. In the end, you will receive feedback on your strengths and areas for optimization.

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Successful Meetings

If you have to organize well-structured and successful meetings and use the competence of all participants, then this workshop is a must for you! Because you will learn and directly apply the necessary techniques, methods and tricks that guarantee effective business meetings. In this workshop we will practice concrete meetings in your business context and you will receive appropriate suggestions for leading lively and successful meetings with your colleagues or business partners.

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Professional Presentations

Do you have to repeatedly convince your business partners of your products or services and want to make your presentations really fascinating? Then this workshop is the right place for you, because here you have the opportunity to optimize your presentation by learning how to focus on your strengths and your body language.

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Project Manager Communication Course

This course is for those get into difficulties communicating about and within projects. The course describes a project manager’s way into a new project, defining the problems, setting expectations, identifying and dealing with red flags and politicking, building trust, dealing with critical conversations, working with assumptions, and follows up with lessons learned for your next engagement.

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Communicating Successfully in a Global World

If you work with people from other cultures and countries in projects or teams, with customers or suppliers or in other operational contexts, then this workshop will help you to deal with all these challenges much more professionally!

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Leadership of international Teams

Globalization and internationalization pose particular challenges for companies, organizations and managers. Therefore, leadership that is both culturally appropriate and result-oriented becomes a central factor for a company’s success. As an internationally active manager or as a leader of international teams, you will cope with your daily challenges much better after this practice-oriented one-day workshop.

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Doing Business Across Cultures – The Importance of Intercultural Competency

The workshop will address ways individuals can improve their cross-cultural communication skills and so promote their cultural competency both in the workplace and in everyday life. The presenter will deal with difficult dialogues related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in both a professional and private context using current events and controversies (such as LGBTQ rights, immigration, refugee crises,) to illustrate the importance of cultural competency in a globalized world.

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Springtime, Summer, Autumn & Winter School

Under the motto “The world meets Germany” we organize language and cultural programs for students from all over the world. The concept includes German and Business English courses as well as innovative and interactive business workshops with OTH professors dealing with technical, intercultural and management topics. A wide range of leisure activities, an interesting sightseeing program as well as company tours through large international companies guarantees that the students will get a very comprehensive and lasting impression of Germany.

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