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English classes in Regensburg

Since customers interested in a Business English workshop have different language levels and objectives, BCU Sprachschule Regensburg organizes these workshops individually on request – either as one-to-one or as a group training!  Contact us!

Here you can choose the business topics that you need most in your job and we will design the customized course best-suited for you. You choose and/or  combine online, face-to-face and virtual classroom training.

In addition, once a week you can meet other language enthusiasts in our BCU LearnSpot with whom you – supported by an experienced lecturer – can improve your current language skills in a relaxed atmosphere!

Telephoning & Small Talk

Small talk is easier than you think! With BCU Sprachschule Regensburg you can master every business lunch and every personal conversation at business meetings. You will practice the key phrases in the right context with interactive & practical role plays. Thus you will immediately impress your foreign customers and colleagues as a real “telephone & small talk pro”!

E-Mailing & Correspondence

Here you learn how to use typical phrases in various communicative situations in your professional environment and, thanks to the documents you receive, your daily correspondence will look and sound much more professional.


“Winning the deal” is the aim of this practice-oriented training - and we promise that you will succeed very quickly. Because you will not only improve your linguistic skills but also become much more sensitive to intercultural aspects of your partners and thus increase the success rate of your negotiations.


In this special workshop you will receive the know-how to make your meetings interesting and effective. Thus you as well as all participants save time and energy and in the end you achieve better results in a pleasant atmosphere.


Your success depends on several factors: you have to catch the attention of your audience from the beginning when presenting your product, service or company. This means, your presentation must be lively, interesting, well-structured and informative – both in terms of texts and pictures. After this workshop you will know how to design a fascinating and well-written presentation so that you can keep your audience under your spell!

Human Resources

HR departments are spending more and more time recruiting skilled workers from abroad. Therefore, in this seminar you will improve your language skills in interviews and employee assessments as well as your awareness of psychological, nonverbal and intercultural aspects.

Understanding Legal Language

Legal texts are difficult to understand for “normal people”. Therefore, you learn how to edit the texts that are relevant to you and your clients in a way that you can grasp the content and react accordingly.

Understanding Financial English

Thanks to globalization and the close interdependence of the financial world, Financial English is becoming a must for many bankers and financial advisors. With our specialized one-to-one training, we will quickly introduce you to financial terminology and prepare you for your professional or private international financial transactions!

Job Interviews & CV Adaptation

Do you need to prepare very quickly for an important job interview in English? Your CV is no longer up-to-date and the English text needs to be designed more professionally? Do you need a CV in British or American English? Thanks to our very experienced trainers, we will prepare you and adapt your application documents for a successful career interview!

We’re here to help!