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Cooperation with our Turkish partner Med-Consultance

BCU Kooperation

News from BCU language School Regensburg

Turkey has always been a very popular holiday destination for Germans & many holidaymakers appreciate its beautiful beaches & historic sights. But thanks to our contact with a language school in Istanbul, BCU Sprachschule Regensburg has been working with for some time, we have discovered a completely new field of cooperation for our language courses:

Due to high inflation rates & the difficult economic situation, more & more young Turkish people want to leave their country in the hope to find a job guaranteeing them a secure future. Above all, Germany is an important target country, which attracts many well-trained people because of our financially interesting job offers. In addition to numerous skilled workers from all sectors, young doctors in particular are interested in our highly developed health system.

Since BCU Sprachschule Regensburg has specialized in medical German for a long time, we are planning a close cooperation with our Turkish partner Med-Consultance in order to give these motivated doctors the opportunity to find their dream job in Germany.

How does this work?

We combine learning the German language from A1 – B2 in Turkey at Med-Consultance with our subsequent medical courses B2 C1 medicine & our Crash Course to prepare for the C1 Fachsprachprüfung (FSP).

This combination is much cheaper for the doctors & above all the classes will be held by local language schools. After having overcome all these hurdles & passed the FSP, they are professionally supported by Med-Consultance & BCU Sprachschule Regensburg in finding a job & an apartment, as well as with other administrative functions,

As an economist, I am particularly excited about this concept because we kill two birds with one stone:

1. We help to reduce the dramatic shortage of doctors in our clinics.

2. This enables the hospitals to provide significantly better care for all patients.

3. All these highly motivated young doctors will receive a stable income so that they can support a family.

4. A very important economic effect is that all skilled foreign workers transfer  high amounts of their income to their families in their home country.

5. These transfer payments exceed by far the official German development aid & thus strongly boost the domestic economies.

6. In addition, many skilled workers would like to return to their home country after a few years of foreign activities and will thus pass on their acquired know-how to Turkish  health institutions.

7. Therefore, this BCU project is an absolute Win-Win situation for all parties!

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