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English-Smartys for you

Communication is and will remain our passion – because our name Business Communication Unlimited also corresponds to our program,

just like our motto:

Learning languages ​​to overcome borders.

As humans are social beings, their focus is and should always be on clear and open-minded communication! This has become more than evident during the current pandemic, since (too) many people seem to rely on Fake News.

We were all repeatedly overwhelmed and shocked by Corona, so that contradicting official statements have led to a loss of confidence in politics and, unfortunately, to a social gap in many countries.

In order to stop this antidemocratic development, we absolutely have to concentrate on positive, optimistic and appreciative communication in all areas of our daily life.

We believe that the most important elements of respectable communication are:

• Listen carefully and let your partners finish;

• Show interest in their ideas by asking relevant questions;

•Repeat the arguments of your partners and refute them as objectively as possible;

• Do not be judgmental;

• Instead, try to convince by showing basic understanding and empathy for the opinion of the other person;

• And beware of your body language

At BCU, we will continue to attach the greatest importance to the design and implementation of a humane and cosmopolitan learning concept and treatment of all learners in our language courses.

Therefore, today with this blog, we would like to put you in the right mood for the coming “silent” time, in which we will hopefully all come to quieten down and reflect on the positive aspects of human existence – and thus enjoy the pleasant togetherness with family and friends as much as possible.

And to guarantee a friendly atmosphere you will definitely need good communication skills:

That´s why we suggest that you and your family and friends try to live this Xmas according to the motto

good communication for and with everybody

by talking to each other as nicely as possible, by playing social games together and  – big surprise! – even improve your communicative English skills together with our fantastic special Xmas offer:

Our new English Combi-SMARTys are ideal for learning with fun together as a family! And the good news is: we offer all of them at an extraordinary Xmas bonus– i.e. at a very low price for everybody.

Here is our current list of English Combi-SMARTys:

Grammar Special in a Nutshell: In a few hours you will deepen the most important grammar points with our English trainer and improve your written and oral communication.

– Prepare your perfect CV & brilliant job interview: Our English trainer will help you to improve your CV in order to find your dream job and at the same time prepare you for your next job interview!

Set up successful Meetings & Presentations: This Combi-SMARTy is about the different stages of organizing a meeting & the professional moderation of the subsequent discussion. And you will receive input on the most important aspects of a convincing presentation & put your new knowledge into practice right away.

Travel & (Small) Talk go together: With our Business English trainer you can organize & book your dream or business trip, talk to locals & better understand their culture,

Small talk is easy – even on the phone: At the end of this course you will be able to speak freely and confidently with your business partners and colleagues or simply with potential new friends … even on the phone!

You can book our Xmas bonus till 31st January 2022 _and even use it during the whole year 2022!

Our Xmas bonus for you: for you only € 82* per Combi-SMARTy (instead of 95€)

We promise: You will all learn English with fun and make your brain happy! 🥰