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Gerti von Rabenau

Portrait Gerti von Rabenau (Inhaberin und Geschäftsführerin)
Founder & Owner of BCU Sprachschule Regensburg

Learning languages ​​to overcome borders – this motto has had a decisive influence on my life!


Gerti von Rabenau

Starting with my 1-year au-pair adventure in France & England plus my studies in Saarbrücken and the founding of my BCU language school in 1999, I was always interested in learning, teaching & communicating in foreign languages as well as experiencing their cultural background. I was particularly excited by the development of new teaching methods going beyond pure grammar exercises by focusing on the current Communicative Approach as well as today’s digital E-Learning tools.

And that’s why BCU Sprachschule Regensburg is still here for you:

  •  In the 1990s I gave a lot of language courses with other trainers at Siemens until Siemens outsourced the language program and my Spracheninstitut Business Communication Unlimited was established in 1999.
  • This gave me the great opportunity to apply my educational know-how as a language lecturer and BVV tutor in state-of-the-art training courses with many experienced and motivated trainers.
  • My primary goal was and is: to offer our customers high quality as swell as lively and creative language tuition with astonishingly quick learning progress.
  • In addition, due to our innovative concepts we continuously provide our customers with new learning experiences.
  • Moreover, it is very important to me to live my passion for human communication and mutual intercultural understanding together with my “handpicked” team of highly qualified and motivated trainers.

What else should you know about me?

  • Studies of Economics as well as English and French at Saarbrücken University.
  • Translation of 25 mostly economic books from English and French.
  • Thanks to numerous educational advanced training courses in adult education, I found my dream job as a language teacher and teacher trainer for Business English and French at the VHS, IHK and OTH Regensburg as well as in many large companies.

You can trust us: we are always up to date!

Our Office Team

Monica Foto rd

Monica Garcia


I got to know the BCU Sprachschule Regensburg in 2018 thanks to a friend. I was fascinated from the start. After meeting the wonderful Gerti personally, I started working at BCU as a lecturer. After some time I decided to devote myself fully to supporting BCU because here I can develop both my intellectual and creative potential and do what is close to my heart: Getting to know new people and cultures.

Alena Fritsch

Alena Fritsch

Our Multitasking Talent

My enthusiasm for BCU Sprachschule Regensburg started with an internship from February to March 2019, during which I was able to organize and run the Springtime School 2019 with 21 Chinese students. This was an extremely exciting and enriching experience for me and complemented my other experiences abroad very well. So far, I have been to Ecuador three times to research indigenous languages and their sociolinguistic situation as part of my bachelor thesis. I have been working for BCU Sprachschule Regensburg since June 2019, where I can live my passion for languages, which I really enjoy.

Our trainers

Videointerviews with our trainers


Our trainer and business coach Hannah from Great Britain has been giving Business English courses for many years. She prepares our clients professionally and enthusiastically for business topics.


Our trainer Judy from Chile is known for her interactive Spanish courses, which she creates with a lot of dedication and fun. She has also been teaching English for many years.


Our very experienced trainer Robyn from Canada teaches English and Business English with a lot of joy and pep. In her courses, lots of input and fun are guaranteed.


Our trainer Swati is from India and has lived and taught English in the UK for over 16 years. Therefore, she also enriches our Business English courses with her many years of teaching experience, her language skills and her positive charisma.

sightseeing tour1600
Here is our team after a very interesting, but ice-cold sightseeing tour with mulled wine to warm up. Will you be there next time?

Our proven team consists of highly qualified native speakers, experienced language trainers and communication professionals with a university degree – BA, MA or doctorate – with additional qualifications as language trainers.

However, we not only value the academic and professional qualifications of our trainers, but also check their soft skills in personal discussions: this includes cultural and social sensitivity, creativity and innovative spirit, honesty and trustworthiness and, of course, a high level of professionalism.

Do you feel addressed? And would you like to work in our team? Then please fill out the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.


Ich liebe es für BCU tätig zu sein. Es herrscht eine familiäre Atmosphäre und alle sind sehr nett und freundlich. Ich freue mich schon auf viele neue Kurse!

Freiberufliche Trainerin für Spanisch

Durch die kleinen Gruppen und die motivierten Teilnehmer macht das “Arbeiten” richtig Spaß.

Freiberufliche Trainerin für DaF

I have been working for BCU for 5 years and was impressed by the very personal introduction to the communicative approach and the importance of stimulating learner autonomy, i. e. make the students responsible for their learning progress. Every participant is treated very individually and respectfully and is getting full support in terms of materials, media and workshops. I am very satisfied with my job at BCU!!

Freiberuflicher Trainer für Business English

Mein Freund und ich haben sehr gute Erfahrungen mit BCU gemacht! Ein Nativspeaker hat uns innerhalb weniger Wochen auf den IELTS-Test vorbereitet und wir haben uns von Level B2 auf C1 verbessert. Die Stunden waren immer professionell vorbereitet und es wurde auf unsere Bedürfnisse eingegangen. Durch die lockere Atmosphäre wurden wir ermutigt Englisch zu sprechen und haben mit Spaß beim Lernen große Fortschritte gemacht! Wir empfehlen diese Sprachschule auf jeden Fall weiter!!

Teilnehmerin am Sprachtraining

I’m very pleased with the result as both teachers pulled me through the basics of Spanish in just 1 full week while 35 degrees outside. I was well prepared for another 8 weeks of work in Costa Rica, and continued improving my vocabulary. Work is easy now. BCU is a real recommendation, thanks a lot.

Superintendent of Rock D&R, Van Oord

All of the trainers were so professional and engaging. I would definitely continue language learning with BCU.

Doctor of Philosophy University of Regensburg

Die Zusammenarbeit mit BCU ist neben der hohen Kompetenz der Dozenten immer sehr angenehm und konstruktiv. Hervorzuheben ist auch die große Flexibilität, mit der auf neue Anforderungen reagiert wird.

Max Bögl: Ausbildungsbetreuer

Das Arbeiten in einer Lerngruppe, in der alle in etwa das gleiche Niveau bzgl. der  Englischkenntnisse haben, reduziert vorhandene Hemmungen. Die stets qualifizierten und sympathischen Trainer verbessern nicht, sondern unterstützen vielmehr – da macht Sprechen Spaß!

Dehn + Söhne: Personalentwicklung

Mit BCU haben wir genau den richtigen Partner für flexible und individuelle Sprachkurse gefunden. Der In-House-Unterricht wurde optimal auf unseren betrieblichen Bedarf und den individuellen Kenntnisstand der Kursteilnehmer abgestimmt. Die Trainer sind gut vorbereitet und verstehen es, sympathisch und  abwechslungsreich, mit vielen Praxisbeispielen und spielerischen Elementen, Wissen zu vermitteln. Ein großes Plus ist, dass BCU mit Muttersprachlern als Trainer arbeitet.

GT Firmengruppe: Personalwesen

BCU begeistert unsere Teilnehmer mit fachorientiertem und motivierendem Sprachtraining. Wir profitieren von der kompetenten und flexiblen Betreuung.

CONTUR GmbH: Language & Intercultural Trainings

Become a satisfied customer too!